CHINA: Nine Hong Kong Schools Chosen for Pilot Scheme to Prevent Student Suicides

July 29, 2016

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South China Morning Post

A suicide prevention pilot program will be rolled out at nine schools in Hong Kong following a spate of recent suicides among students. Based on recommendations from the Committee on the Prevention of Student Suicides, the program will include increased funding for mental health care and support services in schools and gatekeeper training for teachers starting in the next academic year. The committee investigated 34 suicides that took place over a three-year period and found that the majority of them were associated with interpersonal problems, such as conflicts with family or peers. Health Minister Dr. Ko Wing-man emphasized the importance of identifying those at risk and intervening early, saying “I think it is very important that teachers, social workers, as well as parents can be trained so that they will be more confident and have the necessary knowledge to identify the symptoms of students who [are struggling].”

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