Online Courses

Improve your knowledge and skills in suicide prevention with these self-paced online courses. They are designed for clinicians and other service providers, educators, health professionals, public officials, and members of community-based coalitions who develop and implement suicide prevention programs and policies.

The online Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM) course is now accessible free of charge at

A counselor sits on a couch next to a young woman and her mother during a session
Safety Planning for Youth Suicide Prevention
Develop knowledge and skills in using the Stanley-Brown Safety Planning Intervention when working with young clients at risk of suicide.
Beyond Numbers: Navigating Data for Suicide Prevention
Strengthen your suicide prevention data capacity and promote equity in all your data-related efforts.
Locating and Understanding Data for Suicide Prevention
Explore sources of data that can help provide an understanding of suicide nationally, in your state, and locally.
A Strategic Planning Approach to Suicide Prevention
Identify and prioritize suicide prevention activities through strategic planning to maximize impact in your community or setting.

A Note on Representation

We recognize that certain populations need and deserve more attention than we are able to include in these courses. As a supplement, we are providing some in-depth resources here to help you explore the specific needs of some of these populations.