2012 Garrett Lee Smith State and Tribal Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

Grantee Meeting
Date:  April 16, 2012 - 8:00 am to April 18, 2012 - 3:00 pm (America/Chicago)

AGENDA for 2012 Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

Note: Some presentations are not included due to outdated content

Getting Started with Sustainability Planning/Leaving a Legacy

These are updated versions of the tools used at this session.

Julie Ebin, SPRC
Terri Yellowhammer, SPRC

Campus Breakout: Collaborating with Alcohol Programs on Campus

Kim Dude, University of Missouri
Peggy Glider, University of Arizona
Sheila Krishnan, SPRC

Campus Breakout: Supporting Our LGBTQ Communities: Addressing Challenges and Generating Solutions

Alma Rosa Silva-Banuelos, University of New Mexico
Bruce Herman, Towson University

Campus Breakout: Postvention as a Prevention Tool: Developing a Campus Response to Prevent Suicide Contagion

Dolores Cimini, University of Albany
Kerri Smith, SPRC

Campus Breakout: Optimizing Faculty Gatekeeper Training

Phil Rodgers, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Charlie Morse, Worcester Polytech

Campus Breakout: Sustainability through Collaboration: Using Coalitions or Advisory Boards to Support Your Efforts

Jennifer Kennymore, NW Missouri State University
Lena Newlin, University of Wyoming
Kerri Smith, SPRC

Campus Breakout: Partnering with Parents as Mental Health Gatekeepers: Strategies and Interventions

Joy Himmel, Penn State-Altoona
Marjorie Savage, University of Minnesota

Campus Breakout: “Same Language, Different Cultures”: Reaching Hispanic/Latino Students on Campus

Jessica Disla, St. Peter’s College
Guillermo Bernal, University of Puerto Rico
Delia Camacho, University of Puerto Rico- Medical Sciences
Edna Pacheco, University of Puerto Rico- Medical Sciences
Eugenia Curet, University of Texas – Brownsville

Campus Breakout: Suicide Prevention Initiatives for Student Veterans

Dan Reilly, University of Missouri
Krista Stephenson, Veterans Administration

Campus Breakout: Engaging Graduate/Professional School Students, Faculty and Administrators

Nadine Kaslow, Emory University
Wendy Winger, Ohio State University
Matthew Wintersteen, Thomas Jefferson University Medical College

Campus Breakout: Using Evaluation Data to Inform Program Development and Sustainability Planning

Chad Rodi, ICF Macro
Connie Briscoe, University of Tennessee- Knoxville

Campus Breakout: Collaborating with your Local Community

Kathleen Fuchs, Lawrence University
Anthony Deobil, Daytona State College
Cary Waubanascum, College of Menominee Nation

Campus Breakout: Engaging Students in Peer Suicide Prevention Efforts on Campus

Bruce Herman, Towson University
Jan Collins-Eaglin, Michigan State University
Jane Wiggins, Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia

State/Tribal Breakout: Crisis Intervention/High Risk Situations: Creating Crisis Protocols & Updating State Suicide Prevention Plans

James Wright, SAMHSA
Petrice Post, SPRC

View SPRC Presentation
View SAMHSA Presentation

View State Suicide Prevention Plan Guide

State/Tribal Breakout: Bullying and Suicide Prevention

Catherine Bradshaw, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence

State/Tribal Breakout: Cultural Responsiveness Focused on Military Families

Master Sergeant Stephanie Weaver, National Guard Counter Drug Liaison to SAMHSA
Maya Chilese, Nebraska

State/Tribal Breakout: Suicide Prevention in Primary Care Settings

Matthew Wintersteen, Pennsylvania
Guy Diamond, Pennsylvania
Marilyn Zimmerman, Fort Peck/University of Montana

State/Tribal Breakout: Data Collaboration–What’s in it for Me?

Leigh Reposa, Rhode Island Youth Suicide Prevention Program
Novalene Goklish, White Mountain Apache/Johns Hopkins University
Laura Tingey, White Mountain Apache/Johns Hopkins University

View Leigh Reposa presentation

State/Tribal Breakout: Supporting LGBTQ-2S Youth in the Work We Do

Mike Chapman, NARA Northwest 
Heather Carter, Washington Youth Suicide Prevention Program

State/Tribal Breakout: At Risk Youth: Veterans

Krista Stephenson, Veterans Adminstration

State/Tribal Breakout: Walking on Common Ground: Tribal and State Collaboration

Joseph Thomas Flies Away (Hualapai), Walking on Common Ground
R. Keith Hotle, Wyoming Department of Health
Patricia Smith, Michigan Department of Community Health
Angeline Boulley, Sault Saint Marie

State/Tribal Breakout: At Risk Youth: Latino/a

Colleen Carpenter, Oregon

State/Tribal Breakout: Reaching At Risk Youth: 18-24 Year Olds Not in College

Melanie Puorto, New York 
Jenna Heise, Texas