National violent death reporting system: Lessons learned from 17 states, 2002-2006- Executive Summary


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State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors Association (STIPDA)
State and Territorial Injury Prevention Directors Association (STIPDA)

In 2006, STIPDA (now Safe States), through its cooperative agreement with CDC, conducted telephone interviews with National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) program staff in the 17 NVDRS-funded states for the purpose of gathering detailed information about states’ experiences applying for, implementing and evaluating the NVDRS. This report compiles their lessons learned and strategies for improvement. The report is intended to benefit states planning to apply for an NVDRS cooperative agreement – as well as those in the first year or two of implementation – by demonstrating how to smooth and accelerate the application, the set up and the implementation of the NVDRS in a state, and avoid repeating common dilemmas in these processes.