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The cost of the program depends on the number of licenses the client purchases and the amount of time they would like those licenses to be active (e.g., one year). Contact Kognito for a price quote. Further program information and a demo.

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Friend2Friend is a 25-minute, online, interactive training program for high school students. In the training, users assume the role of a high school student concerned about a friend and engage in a simulated conversation with this friend. Users learn and practice effective conversation strategies for broaching the topic of psychological distress, motivating the peer to seek help, and avoiding pitfalls, such as giving unsolicited advice and criticizing. This program is based on At-Risk for College Students.

Program Objectives

Students who complete the training will have increased knowledge of:

  1. Signs of psychological distress including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues
  2. How to communicate with peers and motivate them to seek help
  3. Habits for mental wellness
  4. National crisis and mental health resources and local resources and referral points 

Implementation Essentials

  • High schools that use Friend2Friend should identify on- and off-campus resources for students and ensure all program participants are aware of these resources.

2012 NSSP Objectives Addressed: 

Objective 7.1: Provide training on suicide prevention to community groups that have a role in the prevention of suicide and related behaviors.