Emergency department visits related to suicidal ideation, 2006-2013


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Fact Sheet/Issue Brief
Owens PL, Fingar KR., Heslin KC, Mutter R, Booth CL
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

This brief provides information on ED visits related to suicidal ideation among adults aged 18 years or older in 2006, 2010, and 2013. It presents trends in the population-based rate overall and by patient and hospital characteristics. Trends in the number of admissions to the same hospital are examined over time, as well as the cost and length of these inpatient stays. ED visits related to suicidal ideation are then compared with all other adult ED visits in 2013, including overall visits, and by patient characteristics, expected payer, and disposition status. Finally, co-occurring injuries and mental and substance use disorders for patients with ED visits related to suicidal ideation in 2013 are presented.