Depression wellness guide for adults with depression and their families and friends


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Families for Depression Awareness
Families for Depression Awareness

This guide was developed to help adults and their families better understand and monitor treatment for depression or dysthymia.

The Guide addresses: definitions and symptoms of depression and dysthymia; what types of treatments are available for depression and dysthymia and how they work; the importance of monitoring treatment; how to work together as a family; and the three-step monitoring approach. The three-step monitoring approach includes diaries for tracking moods, medications, and other aspects of treatment. Also included are: warning signs for suicide; what to do if you or a family member is experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviors; and steps that can be taken to decrease the risk of suicide.

The Guide is intended for use by adults diagnosed with depression or dysthymia who are in treatment, and family members and friends who want to help them.

Single copies of the guide are available for $6.95 each plus shipping charges which range from $5 to $27 depending upon the weight of the quantity ordered.


After using the Depression Wellness Guide, patients and their loved ones should:
1.Have increased understanding of depression and dysthymia, and their treatment.
2.Have increased knowledge of a three-step wellness approach that may increase treatment adherence and effectiveness.
3.Have increased awareness of suicidal behavior, including symptoms and preventive interventions, as they relate to people diagnosed with depression and dysthymia.

Implementation Essentials:

•The Depression Wellness Guide is intended for use by those already in treatment.
•Adults who use the Guide should do so in collaboration with their families, friends, and therapist or doctor.