Connecting the dots: An overview of the links among multiple forms of violence


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Fact Sheet/Issue Brief
Wilkins, N., Tsao, B., Hertz, M., Davis, R., Klevens, J.
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The Prevention Institute

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This brief shares research on connections between forms of violence: shared risk and protective factors; co-occurrence of multiple types of violence and self-perpetuating violence (victims are likely to become perpetrators, experience poly-victimization and perpetrators are likely to engage in other forms of violence). Partnerships can recognize these connections and work to break down silos. The purpose is to guide practitioners in thinking strategically and creatively about preventing all types of violence in a way that recognizes these connections and considers the individual in their multiple environments as well as coordinating and integrating responses to violence in the context of their families, relationships, and communities.