Choosing a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Program: A Comparison Table


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Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)
Education Development Center, Inc (EDC)

This comparison table will help you find a gatekeeper training appropriate for your setting, the people you are trying to protect from suicide, and the people you want to train as gatekeepers. It is not a comprehensive list of gatekeeper trainings, but includes the trainings in the Resources and Programs section of the SPRC website. It provides information on training objectives, audiences, training format and highlights, and links to the training developer’s website and the SPRC listing on the training.

Gatekeeper training teaches people to identify individuals who are showing warning signs of suicide risk and help these individuals get the services they need. Note that it is most effective to combine gatekeeper training with other strategies described in SPRC’s Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention. A list that includes only online gatekeeper trainings is also available.