Breaking the silence: Suicide prevention in law enforcement


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Manual,Video/Audio Recording,Report
Carson J Spencer Foundation; International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention; American Association of Suicidology (AAS)
Carson J. Spencer Foundation

The report was generated through the National Symposium on Law Enforcement Officer Suicide and Mental Health: Breaking the Silence of Law Enforcement Suicides held in the summer of 2013. Subject matter experts dedicated to the psychological welfare of officers participated in the symposium, which was composed of a diverse group of law enforcement executives, officers, police psychologists, researchers, professors, and representatives from federal, professional, and non-profit agencies. The results included prevention, intervention, and post-intervention recommendations set forth in this report.

The video features police officers from Kenosha and Denver police departments, who describe their struggles in coping with challenges of law enforcement and their own experiences with suicide. Officers discuss overcoming the idea that seeking help is a sign of weakness and that supports are available such as professional services peer support officers, and chaplains. It provides guidance on what departments can do toward establishing a supportive environment. It also provides resources for further information. The video is accompanied by a discussion guide designed to help officers start a discussion about suicide among law enforcement.