2013 Austin AAS conference videos


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American Association of Suicidology (AAS)
American Association of Suicidology (AAS)

This collection of YouTube video interviews of national (and international) leaders in suicide prevention, intervention and care was conducted at the 2013 American Association of Suicidology conference in Austin, Texas in April, 2013.

The presentations include:
David Jobes – Engagement & Suicide Care (AAS2013)
DeQuincy Lezine – Lemons to Lemonade Stands (AAS2013)
Peggy West – Emperor of All Maladies & Suicide (AAS2013)
Jenna Heise – Texas Suicide Safer Care Centers (AAS2013)
Jennifer Stuber – Getting Political and Thinking Bigger (AAS2013)
John Draper – Suicide Attempt Survivors & Resiliency (AAS2013)
Julie Goldstein Grumet – Zero Suicide Partners Group (AAS2013)
Jerry Reed – Voices That Inspire: Suicide Survivors (AAS2013)
Jan Ulrich – Reach of Community Mental Health (AAS2013)
Becky Stoll – Improving Community Mental Health (AAS2013)
David Litts – US Air Force Suicide Prevention (AAS2013)
Annette Beautrais – Caring Letters (AAS2013)
Karen Chaney – Lending Hope in Arizona (AAS2013)
Heather Stokes – Suicide Safer Communities (AAS2013)
Paul Quinnett – Competency-based Training (AAS2013)
Kathryn Vanboskirk – ASIST Version 11 (AAS2013)
Heidi Bryan – Self-disclosure, Whispers & Stigma (AAS2013)
Denis Walsh – Zero Suicide in Healthcare Kentucky (AAS2013)
Fergus Cumiskey – Cross-National Pollination (AAS2013)
Captain Phil Majcher – New Normal in Kentucky Guard (AAS2013)