Veterans on Campus: Peer Program


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Kognito Interactive

The program can be purchased through institution-wide licensing agreements. Cost of the program depends on the size of the purchasing institution and the length of the license. Quotes available upon request. Training for course administrators included in institutional licensing package. Individual licenses are also available through

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Veterans on Campus: Peer Program is a 30-minute, online, interactive gatekeeper and re-integration training simulation developed by Kognito. The training prepares active duty military and veteran students to provide support to one another when confronting challenges such as adjusting to campus life or struggling with psychological distress, including suicidal ideation. Through practice in virtual conversations with virtual students, users learn (1) how to identify when another student veteran needs peer support, (2) conversation techniques to encourage productive problem-solving, (3) warning signs of psychological distress, and (4) how to refer student veterans exhibiting signs of psychological distress including suicidal ideation to appropriate on- and off-campus resources.

This training is based on Veterans on Campus for Faculty and Staff.

Program Objectives

Individuals who participate in the Veterans on Campus: Peer Program training will:

  1. Increase their knowledge of warning signs that another veteran is in distress;
  2. Become more motivated and likely to approach a student veteran to discuss his/her struggles and to refer him/her to on- or off-campus support services; and
  3. Increase their knowledge and skills in dealing with a potentially suicidal friend.

Implementation Essentials

No materials are required to implement the program. The course is hosted on Kognito’s learning management system and Kognito provides technical support to end-users as well as a dedicated account manager for each client. The client’s part of implementing the program is to announce its availability to end users via email, the media, their website, and other marketing outlets. Kognito created an implementation manual that can help clients plan their roll-out. The course includes a customizable web page with information about local support services available for student veterans.

2012 NSSP Objectives Addressed: 

Objective 5.3: Intervene to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviors in populations with suicide risk.

Objective 7.1: Provide training on suicide prevention to community groups that have a role in the prevention of suicide and related behaviors.

Objective 7.2: Provide training to mental health and substance abuse providers on the recognition, assessment, and management of at-risk behavior, and the delivery of effective clinical care for people with suicide risk.