WASHINGTON: Every Health Care Provider in WA Is Required To Be Trained in Suicide Prevention

December 15, 2017

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Speaker:  Washington


A new online training program is teaching medical professionals how to recognize and respond to patients at risk for suicide. All Patients Safe was developed by University of Washington researchers following the passage of a state law requiring all health care providers to receive training in suicide prevention. In addition to the warning signs for suicide, the interactive program also teaches providers how to educate patients about keeping homes safe through the safe storage of guns and prescription drugs. According to Jennifer Stuber, University of Washington faculty director of Forefront Suicide Prevention, health care providers play a critical role in suicide prevention. “We know that a lot of people who die by suicide, they don’t ever get to see a mental health provider. But they do go see their doctor—their primary care doctor,” Stuber said. “We know roughly half of people who died by suicide saw their doctor in the month leading up to their death.” Washington is the first state in the country to require suicide prevention training for all medical professionals.

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