UTAH: The Role Faith Leaders Can Play in Preventing and Responding to Suicide

June 15, 2018

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  Utah

Deseret News

Utah faith leaders are joining forces with political officials, public health experts, and mental health advocates to help prevent suicide. More than 100 religious and community leaders recently attended a suicide prevention summit, hosted by the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition in collaboration with the state Department of Human Services and National Alliance on Mental Illness. Attendees learned about the role they can play in preventing suicide in faith communities, such as fostering connectedness among members of their congregation and connecting them to local services. “Clergy and faith community leaders are in a unique position to demonstrate leadership when it comes to attitudes toward individuals who are suicidal,” said Melinda Moore, co-chairperson of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Faith Communities Task Force. “They can . . . provide resources for those who are struggling.”

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