Two-Page Snapshots of Priority Areas

April 22, 2022

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark Announcement

SPRC is excited to release two-page snapshots of priority areas for strengthening suicide prevention infrastructure in the U.S. These summaries are based on findings from the first annual state and territorial assessment of suicide prevention strengths, needs, challenges, and successes.

Designed to help you easily share key information on building capacity to address pressing national suicide prevention needs, the snapshots include success stories showing how states have built essential suicide prevention infrastructure. 

Read about the four priority areas and find tools to help you establish them:

  1. Develop designated funding and capacity for suicide prevention.
  2. Grow partner and leader support for suicide prevention.
  3. Increase community representation and participation in suicide prevention.
  4. Strengthen suicide prevention data systems and evaluation processes.

Check out SPRC’s Infrastructure Recommendations to learn more about building a solid foundation for effective, sustainable state suicide prevention efforts.