The “Double Closet:” Why Some Bisexual People Struggle with Mental Health

October 01, 2021

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The New York Times

Bisexual people may experience more mental health challenges than their peers. A 2017 meta-analysis found bisexual participants had higher rates of depression and anxiety than heterosexual participants, and higher or equivalent rates than those who were gay. Public health experts and people with lived experience suggest these mental health challenges may be related to the discrimination that many bisexual people face. “Bisexual folks experience stigma not only from heterosexual communities, but also from—even though they’re named in it—the LGBTQ community,” said Jessica N. Fish, a researcher at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. “The stereotypes of confusion, that it’s a phase, that they’re promiscuous, those perpetuate on both sides. That can be really influential on someone’s mental health.” Advocacy groups like the Bisexual Resource Center and The Trevor Project offer resources and support for bisexual people who are struggling.

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