The Air Force Believes Suicide Is Really about Culture — So They’re Changing Theirs

March 15, 2019

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Connecting Vets

In response to recent suicide deaths in the U.S. Air Force, its leaders are calling for a culture shift. Air Force officials recently released a memo proposing a change in culture around suicide and mental health issues. “Suicide prevention is really about a culture shift,” the memo read. “Culture is our collective beliefs, actions and values; the things each of us say and do contributes to our Air Force culture. We need an Air Force culture where it is more common to seek help than to try to go at it alone.” A second memo outlined ways to implement that culture shift, encouraging members to reach out when they are struggling and challenge the myth that help-seeking would negatively affect their career. The memo also encouraged respectful communication, self-care practices, and work-life balance.

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