MONTANA: Millions More Available to Tribes for Preventive Health Care, Suicide Prevention

August 04, 2017

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Speaker:  Montana

Independent Record

Montana has announced that it will provide training and up to $64 million in yearly funding for preventive health care and suicide prevention efforts in Native communities. The state will offer financial support for preventive health care services to tribes that have developed a plan and negotiated a contract. As tribes advance through the three levels of the program, they will receive increased funding for activities ranging from population-based preventive services to individualized support for those at highest risk. Lesa Evers, tribal relations manager for the state Department of Public Health and Human Services, said that the program is innovative because it allows Native communities to determine which solutions best fit their needs. Earlier this year, the Montana Native Youth Suicide Reduction Strategic Plan was presented to the state legislature, along with proposals for implementation. Components of the plan include a Zero Suicide Academy to train representatives from tribal governments and urban health programs.

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