MONTANA: Bozeman Pediatrics Offering Trigger Locks for Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative

May 11, 2018

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Speaker:  Montana

MTN News

A medical group in Montana will provide trigger locks to young patients and their families. Bozeman Health Pediatrics is partnering with the Rural Institute for Veteran Education and Research (RIVER) to make 1,000 trigger locks available at their clinics. This effort to address gun safety is a part of RIVER’s 20-20-10 initiative, which seeks to reduce Montana’s suicide rate from the top ten nationwide by 2020. The two organizations agree that suicide prevention should start when children are young. “When they learn things at a young age, then oftentimes those things that they learn carry on into adulthood,” said Pepper Henyon, a Bozeman Health pediatrician and immediate past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics Montana Chapter.

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