Mental Health on College Campuses: Challenges and Solutions

June 21, 2024

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U.S. News and World Report

A recent survey found many college students struggle with their mental health but do not seek help. In March, U.S. News and Generation Lab surveyed 3,649 college students, and 70% reported that they have had a hard time with their mental health since starting college. Only 37% of respondents said they had sought mental health care on campus. Reasons for this included negative experiences and attitudes about mental health care, fear of social stigma, and financial and practical barriers. Of those who wanted mental health supports on campus, most reported they were able to access them and received help right away or after about a week.

According to experts, colleges and universities should prioritize expanding access to care via telehealth, responding to crisis, and providing culturally responsive services tailored to students’ needs. Some experts also call for increasing awareness among college staff, families, and community members, who may have different societal or generational understandings of mental health. To help prepare students to enter the workforce, colleges can find out from companies what supports they offer new graduates.

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