MASSACHUSETTS: Reducing the Suicide Rate among Middle-Aged Men in Massachusetts

July 14, 2017

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  Massachusetts

Care for Your Mind

A statewide education campaign is seeking to reduce suicide among middle-aged men in Massachusetts. Developed by the state Department of Public Health and the Massachusetts-based organization Screening for Mental Health, the campaign aims to increase help-seeking and awareness of suicide and mental health issues among men ages 25 to 64. The campaign website,, offers anonymous mental health screenings, educational information, a local resource directory, and stories of men who have experienced suicide and mental illness. Public health advocates are hoping that the Massachusetts campaign might serve as a model for other states, and a similar initiative is underway in Michigan. There is increasing recognition of the need to address men’s suicide risk, both in the U.S. and overseas, with England and Australia recently launching national campaigns to improve men’s mental health.

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