MASSACHUSETTS: Feel Good Society Looks to Increase Mental Health Awareness

April 07, 2017

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  Massachusetts

The Harvard Crimson

Students at Harvard College have established a self-help group called the Feel Good Society that aims to promote discussion and awareness about mental health on campus. The group holds weekly meetings in which students are encouraged to share their struggles and help one another come up with practical solutions. According to co-founder Alec S. Bowman, the Feel Good Society is not meant to replace individualized mental health treatment, such as psychotherapy, but to provide a safe environment for students to address their mental health concerns with the support of their peers. Bowman said that he also hopes to create a buddy system for students to check in with each other, which would operate like “an organic safety net” for group members who are struggling or feeling isolated.

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