INTERNATIONAL: Coronavirus: How to Protect Your Mental Health

March 20, 2020

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The unprecedented amount of uncertainty due to coronavirus and the constant news about it are taxing people’s mental health, especially those with anxiety disorders. Common to many anxiety disorders is a fear of being out of control and difficulty coping with uncertainty. “A lot of anxiety is rooted in worrying about the unknown and waiting for something to happen—coronavirus is that on a macro scale,” says Rosie Weatherley, spokesperson for the mental health charity Mind. A number of strategies can help people with these disorders, as well as anyone struggling with anxiety and stress related to coronavirus. These include limiting the amount and type of news you take in; taking time away from social media; staying connected with other people by phone, text, and email; spending time in nature; and getting exercise. It can also help to keep your mind in the present moment, breathe deeply, and try to let worried thoughts pass instead of attaching and reacting to them.

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