IDAHO: Suicide Prevention Hotline Now Making Follow-Up Calls to Discharged Patients

January 17, 2020

News Type:  Weekly Spark, Weekly Spark News
Speaker:  Idaho


In the past few years, the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline (ISPH) has increased its outreach to help support those at risk. Now the hotline is making follow-up calls to patients who are discharged from crisis centers, emergency departments, and inpatient behavioral health care organizations. ISPH also reaches out to people at risk who leave the county jail. The calls aim to provide emotional support and encourage recipients to keep recommended appointments. According to ISPH Director John Reusser, following up with those at risk has helped prevent further suicide attempts and hospital readmissions. “What we found, and what the research is finding, is that people [who] receive this discharge follow-up contact from a crisis center, they do better,” he said.

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