Help SPRC Help You

November 03, 2017

News Type:  Director's Corner

Elly Stout, MS, SPRC Director, Education Development Center, Inc.

In my first Director’s Corner, I’m asking for your feedback: help SPRC better serve you by filling out a brief survey [survey now closed] about our website.

It’s an exciting time in the suicide prevention field. There is strong momentum for prevention across the country, new stakeholders and partners are coming to the table, and more and more people are realizing that suicide prevention is, indeed, “everyone’s business.” But once individuals and groups are ready to act, what steps should they take within their particular role and context to prevent suicide? Helping to answer this question is a central part of SPRC’s job.

As a resource center to the nation, SPRC’s mission is to support all of you in implementing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. Over the past 15 years, we have developed a large online collection of information, tools, and trainings to help our stakeholders at the national, state, community, organizational, and individual levels carry out prevention efforts that can help reduce suicide nationwide. 

Suicide prevention is complex, but thanks to the work of many of you in the field, we know a lot about what works. If you are engaging in suicide prevention efforts—whether as an individual, community, organization, coalition, or state agency—we have resources to help you. We offer guidance for teachers, first responders, senior center administrators, state agencies, coalitions, emergency departments, American Indian/Alaska Native communities, college campuses, and many other kinds of groups and individuals.

But we won’t know if those resources are being used without hearing from you. Are you able to find what you need, when you need it, to support your suicide prevention efforts? What are you looking for when you visit the website? Do you use the search function and, if so, does it help you find what you need more quickly? Does the website give you new ideas when you visit, and help you think more broadly about the key components of effective suicide prevention?

Help us help you by participating in our brief survey [survey now closed] ​about the SPRC website. This series of questions will take just five minutes to complete, and your responses will remain anonymous. We welcome any and all feedback, regardless of whether or how often you use the website. Thank you in advance for your input—for helping us help you and your colleagues around the country do the important work of saving lives.