Generation Z Reported the Most Mental Health Problems, and Gun Violence Is the Biggest Stressor

November 09, 2018

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In a national survey, young people reported more mental health issues than those in older generations. The American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America survey found that Generation Z—people ages 15 to 21—were more likely than other generations to say they struggled with their mental health. However, people in that age group were also more likely to report receiving mental health care. “The fact that more Gen Z individuals than adults in other generations said that they thought their mental health was fair or poor is concerning,” said Arthur Evans, psychologist and American Psychological Association CEO. “However, this could also be interpreted as a positive sign. This generation may be more tuned in to recognizing issues with their mental health than older generations.” Compared with adults overall, Generation Z respondents were more likely to say they felt stressed about rising suicide rates. The most significant source of stress reported by Generation Z was gun violence, with 75 percent saying they were concerned about mass shootings and 72 percent concerned about school shootings.

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