ENGLAND: Student Nurses Receive ‘Mental Health First Aid’ Training

February 10, 2017

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Nursing Times

A university in England has announced that it will offer training in mental health first aid to all of its students in the health professions. For the past two years, Coventry University has run a pilot program that has trained approximately 300 nursing students in how to identify and assist individuals experiencing mental health issues. Its success has prompted a broader rollout to students in other health care disciplines, with a three-hour introductory session offered to students and a two-day course available to university staff. The program is a part of Coventry’s campus-wide initiative to promote awareness about mental health. Caroline Hounsell, director of partnerships and product development for Mental Health First Aid England, praised the university’s decision to scale up the program. “These future paramedics, nurses and physiotherapists will enter their careers equipped with the tools to identify and help a patient in a mental health crisis, to support colleagues who may be struggling, and to nurture their own mental wellbeing in what can be demanding professions,” she said.

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