CALIFORNIA: Suicide Prevention Group Chief Calls Gun Club’s Ideas “A Game Changer”

February 09, 2018

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Speaker:  California

The Signal

A gun club in Southern California has announced plans to train its staff in suicide prevention and awareness. The Oak Tree Gun Club will also include suicide prevention information with all of its firearms sales. “They have agreed to put suicide prevention material into every single firearm they sell. To me, that was a game changer,” said Larry Schallert, chair of the Santa Clarita Valley Suicide Prevention, Postvention, and Wellness Committee. The gun club and suicide prevention committee are discussing a possible program that would facilitate the temporary transfer of firearms outside of the home for those at risk of suicide. “It’s not a gun control issue, it’s a firearms means reduction issue,” Schallert said. “Those of us that are on the left and those of us that are on the right of this issue, it’s not a right or a left, it’s a means thing.”

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