CALIFORNIA: Palo Alto installs Caltrain cameras, fences for suicide prevention efforts

August 21, 2015

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The Stanford Daily

Working together with the city of Palo Alto, California’s state-subsidized rail system is adding fencing, guards, and cameras to prevent people in the area from stepping onto the tracks when trains are approaching. The cameras have motion detectors and thermal infrared technology to differentiate humans, animals, and vehicles, and are programmed to alert 911 if a person is detected in a dangerous spot. Caltrain is also clearing away vegetation to make the cameras more effective and to help guards hired to monitor railroad crossings. Four miles of 8-foot-high fencing, designed to be difficult to climb over, is being erected along the tracks. Claudia Keith, spokesperson for the city of Palo Alto, explained that these efforts are an example of means restriction, a proven component of suicide prevention and part of the city’s attempt to reduce teen suicides in the area.

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