CALIFORNIA: Caltrain Joins Texting Suicide Prevention Effort

December 16, 2016

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Speaker:  California

Palo Alto Patch

Caltrain has announced that it is partnering with Crisis Text Line to offer crisis services to its riders. In an effort to reduce the numbers of suicide deaths on its tracks, the California commuter rail line will display signs on platforms and trains that promote suicide prevention awareness and provide information about the text line’s around-the-clock crisis support services. Crisis Text Line Bay Area Director Libby Craig explained that text messages allow for a greater degree of confidentiality in public settings than phone calls. Texts are triaged based on the sender’s risk level and answered by a crisis counselor within five minutes. “We collaboratively problem-solve with the texter and really empower them,” Craig said. “These texters know how to help themselves the best. We’re just guiding them there.”

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