40 Percent of LGBTQ Youth “Seriously Considered” Suicide in Past Year, Survey Finds

August 21, 2020

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NBC News

A recent report highlights a critical need for increased efforts to support LGBTQ youth mental health. The report contains findings from The Trevor Project’s 2020 national survey of LGBTQ young people. The survey found 40 percent of respondents had considered suicide in the past year, and 48 percent had engaged in self-harm. About half of respondents said they wanted mental health care but did not receive it. In addition to the need for mental health services, the survey’s findings show that safe, affirming relationships may help protect LGBTQ youth from suicide. Respondents who reported higher rates of rejection, violence, and discrimination also reported higher rates of suicide attempts. Amy Green, lead author and director of research at The Trevor Project, called on providers to screen youth for suicide and mental health issues. Green also emphasized the importance of respecting and supporting young people for who they are. “The simple act of acceptance and letting kids express their identity can be incredibly powerful,” she said.

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