10 Things Suicide Attempt Survivors Want You to Know

August 17, 2018

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Suicide attempt survivors are sharing their unique insights to spread empathy for those who are struggling. They recommend talking with anyone who might be suicidal and asking them how they are. Instead of trying to offer solutions, listen and let them know you care. Feeling connected to others can help reduce the isolation of suicidal thoughts, which often stem from a desire to stop intense pain rather than a desire to die. Just as suicide affects all populations, no single treatment is beneficial for everyone. While recovery from suicidal thoughts or behaviors is possible, it is an ongoing process. Talking openly about suicide, and sharing stories of recovery, can help others feel more hopeful and less alone. “I found out I could help others to not only talk about their experience but hopefully not have an attempt and maybe even save a life,” said Diana Cortez Yanez, a lived experience consultant and peer support specialist with the Zero Suicide Institute. “My going out there publicly and saying I’ve attempted suicide and survived—I am living proof that things can be different.”

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