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Director's Corner

Talking about Lethal Means Safety in Health Care Settings

December 14, 2018
With new CDC data showing continued increases in suicide rates over the past 18 years, the public conversation is focusing more and...
Director's Corner

Honoring Indigenous Voices: Suicide Surveillance from a Tribal Perspective

November 09, 2018
November is National Native American Heritage Month—a time to celebrate the many important contributions of indigenous people, including their distinct history,...
Director's Corner

Addressing Suicide among Black Americans

October 05, 2018
Our national conversation about suicide prevention has included a recent focus on the increased risk of suicide among Black children...
Director's Corner

Speaking with One Voice for Suicide Prevention

September 07, 2018
It’s September, and that means we’re all marking Suicide Prevention Day/Week/Month—my 11th annual observance since joining SPRC in September 2007....
Director's Corner

Help the Helpers: Taking Time for Self-Care

August 10, 2018
I often reflect on how fortunate we are, in suicide prevention and related fields, to work with such compassionate people,...
Director's Corner

More than Mental Health: Reaching Men at Risk for Suicide

July 13, 2018
Amid all the news coverage about suicide in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a surprising new statistic from the...
Director's Corner

13 Reasons Why: An Opportunity for Prevention

June 08, 2018
Last year, the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why made quite an impact. Teens and young adults were mesmerized by a show that...
Director's Corner

Recommended Standard Care for People with Suicide Risk: A Critical Step Forward

May 18, 2018
People who are in distress or experiencing a suicidal crisis should be able to walk into any health care setting...
Director's Corner

Getting Comprehensive in Our Suicide Prevention Efforts

April 06, 2018
In my work with states, tribes, campuses, and institutions around the country, I’m often asked, “What program should I use...
Director's Corner

Technology and Suicide Risk: Moving Beyond Fear to Opportunity

March 02, 2018
Communication has changed in the 10 years since I started at SPRC, especially in our virtual lives. On my ride...
Director's Corner

Preventing Suicide in Primary Care: A Newly Updated Toolkit

February 09, 2018
Elizabeth Tupa, PhD; Adam Chu, MPH Primary care is a key setting for suicide prevention. Research has shown that individuals...
Director's Corner

Addressing Despair through Partnerships

January 12, 2018
We’ve known for many years that substance use and suicide are connected. But in recent years, that connection has grown...
Director's Corner

A Look Back at Director’s Corners in 2017

January 05, 2018
One Issue, One Goal—Jerry Reed Changing the Story—Jarrod Hindman Get Ready for School—Jerry Reed Start with What You Know: Using...