Utah Valley University

Utah Valley University
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

Utah Valley University will undertake a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention on the campus with community gate keepers and stakeholders. The College has formulated its own conceptual model called 3Rs based on best practices to govern the project philosophy and implementation. Multiple strategies and activities will be implemented, targeted at both the general campus population and identifiable at-risk populations over a three year time period. Engagement of key players in the college community in planning, assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation will be incorporated. The Project Director and a campus-based mental health services team of professional advisors and task forces will lead and implement the project. The following allowable activities will be utilized: (1) Training Programs; (2) Networking (institutional and broader community); (3) Educational Seminars; (4) Local and College-based Hotlines; (5) Informational Materials; and (6) Educational Materials for Families and Students. The major goals of the project are centered and aligned on informing, engaging, training and educating the community in best practices aimed at improving early recognition, treatment, help-seeking, and consistent care for the at-risk student population. The UV-CSI project further incorporates a comprehensive ongoing process evaluation and annual self and external evaluations as integral components of the project.