University of Tennessee at Martin

Project Safety NET
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

Located in rural West Tennessee, the University of Tennessee at Martin (UT Martin) proposes Project Safety-Networking, Education, and Training (NET) to enhance the continuum of care provided to at-risk students.  Formalizing current response plans internally and with external agencies will buttress weaknesses identified by Student Health and Counseling Services and the Students of Concern (SoC) Team.  Project Safety-NET will serve students at the main campus and the four, extended campus.  All students (8,000) will benefit from this project, with special training and outreach targeted for three specific populations:  Veterans, international students, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered students. 

Safety-NET proposes to meet 3 goals:
Goal 1: increase awareness of suicide risk factors, prevention and resources through evidence-based training.
Obj.1.1:  YR1, develop programs for specific high-risk student populations. 
Obj. 1.2:  YR3, train 10 faculty and/or staff as Certified Gatekeeper Instructors.
Obj. 1.3:  YR2, develop/distribute materials addressing warning signs of suicide, the NSPL and a list of campus and community resources and services available.
Obj. 1.4:  YR2/YR3, implement, two, targeted educational programs per semester for high-risk student populations.
Obj. 1.5:  YR3, offer QPR Gatekeeper training 3 times/semester by developing a priority list of faculty, staff, and student groups.
Obj. 1.6:  YR3, develop and distribute information on NSPL and a list of campus/community resources and services.

Goal 2: strengthen existing infrastructure among UT Martin staff and faculty and community resources to enhance access to mental health services.
Obj. 2.1:  YR1, improve collaboration on campus through a review of campus policies and make recommendations based on data analysis and best practices.
Obj. 2.2:  YR1, refine the SoC Team reporting and tracking system to identify students of concern prior to those students transitioning into crisis.
Obj.2.3:  YR1, establish communication procedures with local mental health care providers regarding protocols and resources. 
Obj. 2.4: YR1, meet with UT Martin Emergency Management Coordinator regarding procedures for campus response to suicidal students.
Obj. 2.5:  YR3, detailed suicide response procedures will be incorporated into UT Martin Emergency Management Plan.
Obj. 2.6:  YR1, sign a minimum of 1 MOU with local mental health provider to improve mental health of UT Martin students.
Obj. 2.7:  YR2, sign a minimum of 1 additional MOU with local mental health provider.
Obj. 2.8:  YR3, sign a minimum of 1 additional MOU with local mental health.

Goal 3: increase number of seminars/informational materials for campus and family members on suicide prevention, identification and reduction of risk factors. 
Obj. 3.1:  By YR1, create a website that is informative and educational regarding mental health concerns, suicide prevention, risk factors, and available resources.
Obj. 3.2: YR2/YR3, update website to reflect new information and resources.
Obj. 3.3:  YR3, provide at least 1 educational seminar regarding suicide/semester.