University of Nebraska Lincoln

Garrett Lee Smith Campus

The purpose of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Suicide Prevention Program, entitled An Evidence-based
Approach to Preventing Student Suicide at UNL, is to build infrastructure to increase and sustain capacity for effective
identification of and intervention for at risk students and develop a culturally appropriate, comprehensive approach to
address mental health promotion and suicide prevention. The target audience for the proposed project is the estimated
25,000 UNL enrolled students including those at high-risk for suicide and behavior health disorders. Campus and
community partners will address prevention and student well-being by establishing sustainable policies and procedures
with clear pathways for at-risk students transitioning to and from treatment and the campus setting. This project will
provide training for over 4000 faculty, staff, and students in suicide prevention, expand ways to screen students for
depression, alcohol and other drug misuse and abuse and connect them to resources. Campus providers will participate
in CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality) training each year with 30 providers trained over
the grant period. Project staff will guide the development of a multi-media campaign to promote help seeking and reduce
the stigma associated with mental health issues.