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Towson University
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

Towson University Counseling Center (TUCC) will provide and evaluate gatekeeper training to students and campus personnel to assist in identifying students at risk for suicide and referring them for help. Project funds will enable TUCC to increase the number of educational seminars providing culturally competent information about suicide risk factors and reducing treatment stigma. The project will create and implement a comprehensive, strategic suicide prevention plan and ensure that the university response to students is as helpful as possible. Students who engage in behaviors raising concern regarding possible risk to self or others are brought to the attention of the Campus Student Concerns Committee. The Committee will identify what actions need to be taken to best assist the student and protect the community. The grant will also provide for the development of infrastructure to support the committee.

The project will also include developing improved infrastructure and a referral database to assist potentially at-risk students to access services beyond the scope of what the TUCC provides. The database would allow TUCC providers to connect students more quickly to the most appropriate resource to fit their individual and culturally-specific needs. Enhanced visibility of the TUCC hotline and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will provide access to crisis response to all students, including African American students and LGBTI students who are a focus of the project. Culturally-specific, web-based materials will also be developed for faculty, family members, and community gatekeepers.