The New York State Office of Mental Health’s Implementation of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP)

National Strategy for Suicide Prevention
New York

This project advances the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention by forming state and local coalitions that engage each organization’s leadership to commit to a “zero suicide” goal by implementing changes in their Core Values & Attitudes, by improving their systems management, and by adopting evidence-based practices. 2) to reduce suicides attempts and deaths by developing rapid follow up using the Assess, Intervene, Monitor (AIM) model and by implementing care transitions protocols that include Peer Bridgers and incorporate efforts to reduce access to lethal means. 3) to elevate suicide identification, intervention and treatment skills among staff and communality organizations persons ages 25-64, including agencies in primary care, mental health, substance abuse, justice, corrections, labor, veterans’ affairs; and emergency response teams, including the National Guard.