Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Garrett Lee Smith Tribal
North Dakota

The mission of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST) Okolakiciye Unyukinipi, “Revitalizing our Societies), Oniyapi Program is to reduce youth suicide attempts and death by suicides among youth and young adults between the ages of 10—24 years old on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation by identifying and increasing referrals of suicidal youth to existing Mental Health resources; enhancing access to services; decreasing suicide risk factors; and increasing youth protective factors. Approximately 1500 youth will be targeted for services, education and intervention. This will be accomplished through a collaboration of service providers, community members, youth, and faith community and the implementation of a comprehensive tribal suicide prevention and early intervention plan.The goals are 1.) To reduce youth suicides by 25% on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation by increasing identification and referral of suicidal youth to existing Mental Health resources and enhancing access to services; and 2.) To address and decrease the suicide risk factors and increase protective factors for the youth on the Standing Rock Reservation. The program objectives include providing school and community-based gatekeeper training; screening for suicide risk, depression and substance abuse; developing a crisis response team and suicide hotline; implementing a public education campaign; updating the Standing Rock Suicide Prevention plan; implementing an American Indian Life Skills Development intervention; providing youth development and cultural activities; and implementing postvention support and follow-up for suicide survivors and crisis first responders.

The Standing Rock (SR) Tribal Health Department, which includes Suicide Prevention and Health Education, will administer the program in partnership with the SR Suicide Prevention Task Force comprised of the SR Health, Education & Welfare (HEW) committee, Tribal Child Protection, SR Community Grant School, Sitting Bull College, SR Law Enforcement, and SR 1.H.S. Hospital and Behavioral Health, Tribal Court, SR Chemical Prevention and other child and family serving agencies.