Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians

Shingle Springs Tribal Suicide Prevention Project
Garrett Lee Smith Tribal

The Shingle Springs Tribal Health Programs suicide early intervention and prevention project will include the QPR gate keeper training in suicide prevention for a wide variety of organizations and individuals over the grant period.  It is anticipated that the QPR gatekeeper training program will increase the number of trained gatekeepers by over 300 persons. Additionally the program will train more community members through the classroom trainings to be offered to teachers and then to students themselves. Since friends of at risk youth often maintain a code of silence that prevents adults from discovering suicidal thoughts in time to conduct an intervention, the classroom trainings may prove to be the most important deterrent to suicide attempts. Once the community at large is trained to recognize the signs of suicide and depression, the number of youth identified as being at risk for suicide and referred to behavioral health services will increase.