Saint John’s University

Saint John's University Suicide Prevention and Capacity Development Project
Garrett Lee Smith Campus
New York

The purpose of this project is to develop St. Johns University infrastructure and ability to implement a comprehensive
collaborative and coordinated community based approach to preventing and addressing mental health concerns on
campus. This project will 1. Modify SJUs mental health initiatives in particular our gatekeeper program and suicide
prevention media campaign to incorporate an understanding of the cultural context of mental concerns existing cultural
strengths and resources that can assist with addressing mental health concerns as well as understanding the pattern of
help seeking behaviors and barriers that are unique to underserved minority populations. 2. Implement a multifaceted
university wide screening process which includes anonymous online screenings use of the American Foundation for
Suicide Preventions Interactive Screening Program as well as integrating mental health screenings throughout offices
within Student Wellness. 3. Enhance and expand mental health services through by establishing the SJUs Mental Health
Prevention and Response Community Network. Furthermore we will strengthen our referral process to outside providers
by standardizing our procedures and protocol as well as following up with students and providers to ensure a successful
referral was made. To augment our after hours services we will develop the SJU Helpline for students in distress.