Rhodes State College

Changing Lives Campus Suicide Prevention Project
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

The purpose of the Changing Lives Campus Suicide Prevention Project is to build the capacity of the college infrastructure for a more comprehensive, shared-responsibility approach to suicide prevention. This approach will include initiatives designed to expand and strengthen collaborations with campus and community partners; educate faculty, staff and students about suicide warning signs, prevention and intervention practices; promote awareness of resources and support services; increase student help-seeking behavior through counseling and/or peer support groups; and reduce the stigma associated with such help-seeking. While the project will have an impact on all RSC students, it is targeted toward low-income, veteran, disabled, and LGBT students.

RSC is a public two-year, post-secondary institution in Lima, Ohio, serving over 5,000 credit students primarily from its 10-county service area. RSC’s minority enrollment is approximately 9% with over 46% of its student identified as low-income. The college services veteran, military service members, disabled and LGBT students. In support of the RSC mission to change lives, build futures and improve communities, RSC’s project goals include:

  1. Increase and/or strengthen collaboration among campus and community partners
  2. Increase student, faculty and staff mental health knowledge and awareness regarding suicide and suicide prevention
  3. Increase promotion for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  4. Increase help-seeking among students and reduce negative attitudes about seeking care for mental and substance use disorders among students