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Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students (Haas, Hendin & Mann, 2003, Haas, 2004, Jamison, 1999), and a rapidly emerging public health concern on many campuses. Regis University, The BACCHUS Network TM, and the Carson J Spencer Foundation request a total of $73,744 (year one) to build a unified, effective and sustainable suicide prevention and mental health awareness infrastructure through the SPEAK UP (Suicide Prevention, Education, Action, Knowledge: University Partnerships) initiative. Building from the needs assessment conducted at Regis University in the spring of 2006, this initiative will address diverse target groups including young adult men, students with preexisting mental health concerns, GLBTiQ populations (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intrasex, and Questioning), healthcare professionals/students, and faith communities. The three partners intend to develop a coordinate multi-pronged effort intended to impact the following three goals: (1) To develop a coordinated and knowledgeable suicide prevention networking infrastructure at Regis University, in Colorado, and nationally, (2) to develop social marketing campaigns to de-stigmatize mental disorders and increase help-seeking behavior, and (3) to increase the number of trained gatekeepers. Training, educational seminars, and informational materials will be piloted at Regis University and then disseminated through several comprehensive regional and national networks facilitated by The BACCHUS Network TM and the Carson J Spencer Foundation.