Oglala Lakota College

Oglala Lakota College Campus Suicide Prevention Program
Garrett Lee Smith Campus
South Dakota

The Oglala Lakota College Campus Suicide Prevention Program will serve the 1,800 students of Oglala Lakota College living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Cheyenne Eagle Butte Indian Reservation and in Rapid City, SD. These areas have a combined Native American population of over 50,000. The two Reservations are the 1st and 3rd poorest areas in America according to a 2009 US Census Report. OLC’s student body averages 90% Native American, 70% female, and 30 years of age.

The Goal is to develop a Strategic Plan and infrastructure for Student Assistance that includes a Crisis Response Plan, Crisis Response Team and implementing the six key activities for suicide prevention and addressing mental health issues for students.

The Objectives are:
Objective 1 : Develop a Comprehensive Suicide Prevention and Intervention Strategic Plan for OLC Students
1.1 Set up a CSO Planning Group
1.2 Establish a Student Assistance Office
1.3 Draft a Preliminary Plan
1.4 Set up an ongoing Crisis Intervention Team
1.5 Implement pieces of the plan, document and revise

Objective 2 : Provide Training for OLC Personnel in suicide prevention and crisis management
2.1 Train at least 11 OLC Personnel as QPR Gatekeepers
2.2 Train at least 2 OLC Personnel as QPR Instructors
2.3 Train at least 3 Education Faculty in AILSC

Objective 3:  Create networking infrastructure among College and outside agencies to provide ongoing collaboration, access to providers and appropriate referrals to hotlines
3.1 Develop an MOU with the OST Sweetgrass Program
3.2 Develop an MOU with the National Suicide Hotline
3.3 Develop an MOU with the OST Access to Recovery
3.4 Develop an MOU with the OST Anpetu Luta
3.5 Develop an MOU with the OLC Social Work Dept.
3.6 Develop an MOU with the OLC Education Department

Objective 4: Do an awareness campaign for suicide prevention and intervention including materials, media, etc. to promote seeking behavior and acceptance of mental health issues focused on OLC students and their families
4.1 Identify and obtain packaged materials
4.2 Do awareness sessions for students
4.3 Develop fliers, posters, etc.
4.4Develop radio carts for KILI .

Annual numbers to be affected:
1st year: Directly: 2,000/Indirectly 10,000 2nd year: 3,000/15,000

3rd year: 4,000/20,000.