Northwest Missouri State University

Garrett Lee Smith Campus

Northwest Missouri Stated University (Northwest) is home to 6,338 undergraduate and graduate students. It is located in Maryville, Missouri which is situated in the northwest corner of the state. It is a rural area (population 11,900) located in the center of Nodaway County. The closest metropolitan area is Kansas City, approximately 95 miles to the south. Northwest has recognized the need to identify, intervene, and treat our at-risk population while supporting the growth and resiliency of the entire Northwest community. The need to develop and enhance the current infrastructure to identify and support all college students, especially those with both identified and unidentified mental and substance use disorders in addition to suicidal behavior, has never been greater. While Northwest is currently utilizing a number of best practices in suicide prevention, there is a need to continue with, and expand upon, current interventions. Northwest staff have reviewed mental health, suicide, and substance use data, both campus specific as well as regional/national information. Ongoing interaction with Northwest and community stakeholders continues to be informative regarding collaborative ways to deliver timely, effective, and meaningful services. The program goals are founded in best practice and when implemented together will inform Northwest policy and processes surrounding student mental health.

Based on the Suicide Prevention and Resource Center (SPRC) model, focus will be placed on the four areas of

  1. Identify and Assist,
  2. Increase Help-Seeking,
  3. Connectedness, and
  4. Life Skills and Resilience, all under the umbrella of “Hope 4 All”.

The target population of this proposal will include high-risk groups at Northwest; however, recognition of the need to support resiliency and growth among all Northwest students is paramount to the work of changing the current trajectory of the ever-expanding mental health and substance use disorder needs of students.