Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest Missouri State University
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

Northwest Missouri State University is a four-year state assisted regional university. We currently have approximately 7,000 students. This size of campus offers great opportunities for students to succeed socially, as well as academically. With a student to teacher ratio of 21 to 1, you never feel like a number and receive personalized attention from faculty. Our mission statement is, Northwest Missouri State University focuses on student success – every student, every day. For more information go to:

The Northwest Suicide Prevention Project: Project Hope is bringing together faculty, staff, and students at Northwest to reduce suicide and suicide-related behaviors and to promote positive mental health for everyone. The support has been tremendous, and we are making progress to create an even stronger campus culture where all students can flourish. We are currently in our No-Cost extension.

Considering sustainability of our program, we have identified six areas and activities that we would like to have remaining after the grant period. These fall in line with the original goals set forth in our grant. These six items will continue to have an impact on university policy and processes, the utilization of mental health services at Northwest, and the knowledge and attitudes regarding mental health issues and suicide among Northwest students. These items are as follows:

  1. Continue Life skills presentations
  2. Trainings for Students faculty and staff – online and in person – Continue to increase the % of students who have received in person training or are willing to complete online suicide prevention training.
  3. BIT team continuation, support from the university and collaboration with the community
  4. Educational and promotional items so students, faculty and staff know Project Hope/Suicide Prevention programming exists at Northwest
  5. Continue to increase % of students seeking assistance for suicidal thoughts/attempts.
  6. Student Involvement through TWLOHA, Peer Ed and other Student Organizations

We have had great success in training students, faculty and staff, since the inception of our SAMHSA grant. We have established everlasting relationships with other departments to help with sustainability after our funding is complete. Through the advisory board we have been able to develop, sustainability will truly be a reality. We have learned that sustainability is an important aspect of the project from the beginning. Additionally, developing a consistent message for the entire campus community to buy into has been important. Student involvement has been a key element to the success of our grant through programming and feedback. We are more than willing to share with others any experiences and lessons learned during the grant period.