Native American Health Center, Inc.

Zero Suicide
Zero Suicide

The Native American Health Center’s Zero Suicide project will use a culturally competent, holistic care coordination model to reduce suicidal behaviors for AIAN and other underserved community members ages 25 and older living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Programing will strengthen organizational ability to effectively identity and treat community members at-risk for suicide by expanding suicide prevention, intervention, and behavioral health programing. Project activities will include the implementation of the Zero Suicide Model within NAHC’s suicide prevention framework. Project goals and measurable objectives are as follows:

Goal 1. Strengthen NAHC suicide prevention and treatment programming framework. Objectives include: 1. Provide 2 multi-departmental trainings in QPR and crisis intervention annually; 2. Engage suicide prevention projects across target populations thorough quarterly collaboration meetings; 3. Review and revise (if necessary) agency suicide prevention plan and disseminate findings using Zero Suicide Organizational Self Study annually; and 4. Enhance suicide assessment and treatment systems capability within NAHC’s E.H.R system in Year 1.

Goal 2. Strengthen NAHC’s treatment response to suicidal ideation and/or attempts for the target population by providing outpatient clinical behavioral health services. Objectives include: 1. Conduct screening, assessments, reassessments, and follow-ups to 1200 members annually; 2. Provide evidence based individual counseling and case management to 200 members annually; 3. Develop suicide care management plans for 200 members annually; 4. Provide internal referrals to substance abuse counseling and/ or mental health counseling services, prevention groups and recovery support services to 300 members annually; and 5. Provide rapid-follow-ups to 25 members annually.

Goal 3. Strengthen NAHC’s prevention response to suicidal ideation and/ or attempts for the target population by providing community based prevention services. Objectives include: 1. Provide community based suicide prevention outreach, support, at AIAN cultural events and activities to 500 members annually; 2. Provide intergenerational suicide prevention and recovery support group for 25 members annually; and 3. Engage 1-2 community volunteers to serve as program advisors. This project will use a variety of interventions including the NAHC developed Holistic System of Care for Native Americans in an Urban Environment; Question, Persuade, Refer Gatekeeper Training; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to 200 members annually and 1,000 members over the life of the project.