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Native American Development Corporation
Garrett Lee Smith Tribal

Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center (BUIHWC) under the nonprofit status of Native American Development Corporation (NADC) will be submitting a SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith State/Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention & Early Intervention Grant application. The purpose of this project will be to implement youth suicide prevention and early intervention strategies. The purpose of this project, submitted by the Native American Development Corporation (NADC) and the Billings Urban Indian Health and Wellness Center (BUIHWC) is to achieve measurable reductions in suicides among American Indian (AI) youth, ages 10-24 years of age, through implementation of the Zero Suicide model and culturally appropriate programming in five Montana (MT) cities served by Urban Indian Health Centers (UIHC). BUIHCW will lead and launch the project, Standing Buffalo Strong, in Billings, MT, which has the largest AI total and youth population. Billings is the largest community in MT—located nearby the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Reservations—has three major health care providers, a Veterans Administration clinic and is the largest medical/health community in the state. It is also a regional commercial center, attracting large numbers of AI families and children seeking diverse services. The following chart provides population data for Billings and the 4 other communities served by UIHC. Major Goal: To implement a culturally appropriate suicide prevention care model at the 5 Montana Urban Indian Health Centers (MUIHC) to ensure all AI youth, ages 10-24 years and their families receive immediate, safe and personalized suicidal care. To accomplish this, NADC/BUIHWC will lead and implement the Zero Suicide model and culturally appropriate treatment/services to achieve (or facilitate) a cultural shift away from fragmented suicide prevention and care toward a comprehensive approach. Working with the other 4 UIHC, along with developing a network and commitment from health care providers, community organizations and educational institutions in Billings, Helena, Missoula, Great Falls and Butte. With these partners, BIUHWC will be able to introduce AI youth suicide prevention efforts that include traditional and cultural treatments/services. This was identified by the MNYSRSP as a gap in suicide treatment. BUIHWC, as it takes on the leadership role in working on the youth, i.e. 10-24 year population, will coordinate with both the State of Montana, DPHHS Zero Suicide grant/program funded by SAMSHA (targeting AI over 25 years) and the ongoing MNYSRSP efforts. BUIHWC work will be complimentary, focusing on off-reservation youth and their families.