Mississippi State University – Meridian

Campus Suicide Prevention Program
Garrett Lee Smith Campus

The Mississippi State University-Meridian (MSU-Meridian) Campus Suicide Prevention Program proposes to sustain the current components of our secondary suicide prevention program and build on primary wellness-based suicide prevention components. MSU-Meridian Campus has a contract with a local EAP provider so that campus students and their families have access to free unlimited outpatient mental health services.

The MSU-Meridian Campus secondary suicide prevention program components that will be sustained include: (1) mental health network between campus and community mental health services; (2) crisis response plan to include responses to suicide; (3) integration of Lifeline throughout program; (4) informational materials for students and families; (5) gatekeeper workshops; (6) depression, substance abuse, and suicide online education mini-courses; (7) College Response online clinical screening; (8) anti-stigma artwork series; and (9) student peer helper program.

The wellness-based primary suicide prevention components that will be added include: (1) Indivisible Self Model of Wellness (Myers and Sweeney, 2004) that includes seventeen components of wellness grouped into five main factors of self; (2) monthly activities designed to develop specific wellness components (for example, exercise may include the campus activity of yoga class before evening class; and (3) wellness component online mini-courses that will further develop wellness through additional exercises/activities.