Michigan Department of Community Health

Michigan Department of Community Health
Garrett Lee Smith State

The Transforming Youth Suicide Prevention in Michigan (TYSP-Mi) Program is working to engage programs and individuals to expand suicide prevention in the state and more strongly emphasize primary prevention and early intervention. The Program will a) provide technical assistance and grants to local communities for program development and delivery; b) maintain strong gatekeeper and mental health professional training programs; and c) work to build a strong state infrastructure to support programming in the future.
Specific program activities include:

  • Ongoing support through grants to eight communities to develop or enhance comprehensive local prevention and early intervention efforts.
  • A Technical Assistance Program, including an annual two day technical assistance meeting, for communities not receiving grant funds to assist them with building the skills and knowledge to strengthen or initiate local efforts.
  • Providing AMSR and ASIST trainings in regions of the state where trainings are currently not available.
  • Building a planning and advisory structure specifically for youth suicide prevention in Michigan.
  • Engaging other state departments in determining the role of state government in suicide prevention.